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I was born in Tyrol and am a passionate skier, I love the sun and water and I like to travel in my life.

You can often find me in the north of Germany or in the south of Europe.

As a coach at your side, four values ​​are important to me.

- absolute discretion

- Courage for change

- Openness to new possibilities

- Strengthening your personal responsibility

I pursue a holistic systemic approach and work, among other things, with a 3-fold scientifically validated method, the St. Gallen coaching model. If you place your trust in me, we can use this and other methods to find new ways and possibilities for your current situation.

Sandra Agerer

What can be reasons that you are considering getting coached and how will it be with me?

Possible reasons:

What can be reasons that you are considering looking for a coach for your business and how will it be with me?

- You realize that the decisions are difficult

- You want to be successful, but something slows you down again and again

- There are difficulties in the team and the solutions found so far do not bear fruit

- Your business is already successful, but problems arise with a new team partner / colleague, with a new customer, with new cooperation partners, which costs a lot of energy

- You want to develop or launch a new product, but you want to be sure that it suits you, your team and your customers.

How is it going to be? You and I together:

My inner drive is to accompany you away from the problem and towards the solution. So you need to be open to solutions. Because it doesn't help to always just look at the problem. You don't even have to know what the solution will be. We'll find out together. However, openness to your desire for change towards the solution is essential, otherwise I cannot support you on your way. The way to the HOW of your solutions lies within you. My experience and proven methods support each other in (re) discovering this potential solution for you.

Sandra Agerer


"Systemic coaching leads to the goal of your wishes with more ease"

In order to resonate with my visions, I started my own business blindly in 2012 and without knowing exactly what it meant. At that time I already had a bit of experience with me, but only today do I consider myself to have arrived within me. My experiences on my colorful journey through life are a real added value for each of my clients. I think that through this I can feel good about your situation or circumstances. I will always approach you with appreciation, respect and discretion because I know what it means to walk through valleys and how to enjoy the summit again.


Today - 2015

Cert. Systemic coach & consultant

Dipl. Systemic Business & Management Coach

Systemic Team Coach & Trainer

Dipl. Systemic Master of Coaching

Dipl. Hypnosystemic Coaching

Dipl. Systemic Master Business Coaching & Training

Dipl. Systemic Constellation Coach

Dipl. Systemic Constellation Manager


Management consulting training & coaching


Training as a sound & frequency coach

Training as a sleep coach

Training as a mental trainer

Dipl. International spa management

Dipl. Kinesiology

Advanced training in hypnosis / trance

Dipl. Energetic

Training as a masseuse

Training as a nail designer

Training as a beautician

Training as a hairdresser

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